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Beautiful city of Crete Khania

Before the long winter with short sunshine hours, a lot of people from all over Europe come to this island to get the grace of the sun.
One of the Greek islands floating in the Mediterranean Crete is known as the land flourished by the Cretan civilization in BC and was under the control of the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire. As the climate is mild throughout the year, it is also one of the most popular places for European people’s vacation.

Old town market

At the entrance of the Old Town, there is a building that at first glance looks like a train station. But entering inside reveals that It is a market full of people.

Market is always full of people

Small market shops are full of Greek specialties and souvenirs. One of the most famous Greek foods- Colorful olives are divided into different buckets according to their type, and they are sold by weight. A lot of olive products are sold not only fresh olives, such as marinated olive leaves, extra virgin olive oil with various flavors: oregano, basil, rosemary, garlic, also skin care products etc.

Because it’s and island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, there are also abundant goods of the sea, fishermen with all kinds of fish and shellfish, and a dining room that cooks and serves fresh seafood on the spot. Cheese is also popular product, especially feta cheese and goat cheese seems to be loved by both- tourists and local people.

When you leave the market and start wandering around the narrow alleys of the city you will see The historic buildings and old stone apartments with shops and restaurants on the first floor.

After reaching the harbor that is aiming at the cobalt blue sea, dozens of boats and yachts are docked with the white and blue Greek flags. This area, accompanied by the perfect sound of the accordion played by the street performers, is the most vibrant spot in Chania called Old Venetian Harbor.

Coastal area

All of the coastal area is spreading with cafes where you can eat and shops where you can buy souvenirs. Also you can enjoy a spectacular view, mosques, boats, yachts and lighthouses.

Coastal area


Most of the restaurants are full. One of the most popular restaurants also Highly recommended by us is “Palazzo al mare”. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy a luxurious view of the Venetian style buildings and the lighthouse.

View from the restaurant

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