The Most Unique Industrial Center in North America

Primary electric service is supplied to the site at 69 KV by dual service from Oncor’s Fish Creek Switch Station located on SE 14th Street. Oncor’s Mountain Creek and Handley Generating Stations both supply the Fish Creek Switch Station and, based on the available single-line electrical diagram, there is redundancy in that either generating station can feed the site should the other go down.

Electricity is distributed throughout the site, as well as an adjacent sub-metered facility, via six (6) transformer banks with a total designed capacity of 72,500 KVA, or approximately 65.25 MW at a power factor of 0.9. Electricity is distributed to the buildings at secondary voltages of 13,800 V and 2,400 V. There are a total of ninety-eight (98) major substations, ranging in capacity from 500 to 3,000 KVA, which transform the electric to 480/277V and 120/208V.
Given the significant existing high voltage service and infrastructure, the site is positioned for the expansion of facilities to meet future electric demand loads. Final design and coordination of the electric load requirements will be engineered and coordinated with Oncor.

  • The campus has two main, internal private roads which bisect the property and intersect at the center.
  • The large manufacturing buildings are either 100% or substantially air-conditioned.
  • Four office building structures: Building 194 (104,178 SF), Building 220 (151,287 SF), Building 7 (212,778 SF), and Building 2 (74,297 SF). A large central cafeteria serves the campus, as well as break-rooms in most every building and restrooms in every occupied structure.
  • Over 150 cranes serve the buildings, ranging from 2.5-tons to 50-ton capacity. The high bay portions of the manufacturing buildings offer clear spans from 45’ to 200’ for unobstructed manufacturing.
  • The maximum clear heights are 30’, 36’, 45’ and 60’ in selected manufacturing buildings. The maximum clear heights are 22’ or higher in most every other manufacturing building.
  • The site is equipped with a fully operational 16,200 SF data center in one of the major manufacturing buildings.
  • Adjacent to the campus is the 800- acre former Dallas Naval Air Station with an 8,000 foot runway (presently inactive) owned by the city of Dallas.
  • Institutional quality ownership capable of changing, expanding, and adding any features for the new occupant.

Facility Square Footage

  • Manufacturing: 3,411,074
  • Office: 672,411
  • Maintenance: 277,140
  • Data Center: 16,000
  • Warehouse: 378,430
  • Lab: 88,349

TOTAL: 4,843,604 SF

Additional Amenities

  • Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Humidity Control in Many Manufacturing Areas
  • Fully Sprinklered
  • Rail Served by Union Pacific
  • Equidistant Between the UP and BNSF Intermodal Terminals
  • 2.5 to 50-Ton Cranes
  • Dual Feed Power
  • Electrical Capacity for Heavy Manufacturing
  • Data Center
  • Clear Spans from 45’-200’
  • Industrial/Research District Zoning (per tax rolls)


To Airports:

  • Grand Prairie Airport: 6 Miles
  • DFW International Airport: 15 Miles
  • Dallas Executive Airport: 10 Miles
  • Arlington Airport: 11 Miles
  • Dallas Love Field: 13 Miles
  • Addison Airport: 28 Miles
  • Fort Worth/Meacham International Airport: 28 Miles
  • Alliance Airport: 36 Miles
  • Hensley Field: Adjacent

To Thoroughfares:

  • I-30: .5 Mile
  • SH 161: 1.5 Miles
  • Loop 12: 3 Miles
  • I-20: 5 Miles
  • I-35 East: 9.5 Miles
  • US-75: 11 Miles
  • I-45: 11.5 Miles
  • I-35 West: 20 Miles