Mon. Dec 10th, 2018

The all new BMW X5 review

For many years, BMW’s insistence on handling performance has never changed. Even for SUV models, BMW always performed very well on the road, but it never showed itself in off-road capability. The fourth-generation BMW X5 does not want to maintain the status quo, launched with two chassis types, one type added four-wheel follow-up steering to further enhance the control flexibility on the road driving (road version), while the other chassis is equipped with adaptive intelligence Air suspension to enhance off-road capability (off-road version).


The original rough lines have become more refined on the new generation of models. The most intuitive change in the front is the increased grill and the lower headlights. The proportion of the classic body with short front overhang and long rear overhang has been retained, which achieves a 50:50 weight distribution and improved handling.


In the interior, the old-fashioned design that has been used for many years has finally been replaced, and the color of leather and wood-grained plaques has also been modernized. The use of a large number of crystal texture components doesn’t seem to be line with the temperament of the X5, but it is worth of praise considering the exquisiteness of individual components.


As we mentioned before- The new X5 has two chassis variants, and the adaptive smart air suspension chassis has a lifting range of +40mm to -40mm. The lifting state of the chassis can be determined by the driver’s choice of driving mode and driving speed. When a single wheel is suspended, the suspension of the wheel can be stretched to gain adhesion to the ground, and when wading, the front axle will automatically rise to ensure the safety of the cabin and air intake. At the same time, the new generation X5 also retains the manual adjustment of the chassis height, providing more flexible options.

The engine smoothness of the new generation of X5 is particularly outstanding. Switching to SPORT PLUS mode, X5 will trigger the most violent state. The mid-speed acceleration with downshift  can be achieved in a blink of an eye, because engine holds its max torque from as low as 1380 rpm all the way to 5200 rpm. This wide torque curve guarantees the continuous force of the X5 under rapid acceleration.

Some facts from editor:

  1. The new X5 comes with wide variety of engines: 3.0L 250 kW in the xDrive40i, 3.0 L 290 kW in the xDrive45e and the most powerful petrol version-4.4 L V8 twin turbo 340 kW in the xDrive50i model. Two diesel engines are also available: 3.0 L 195 kW in the xDrive30d and the 3.0 L 294 kW M50d Quad turbo which also has staggering 760 N⋅m of torque. Our tested BMW X5 xDrive40i is equipped with the B58 inline 6-cylinder engine. It is matched with the ZF 8AT gearbox which feels very solid, and cars ride performance and transmission efficiency have reached a very high level.
  2. BMW’s unchanging interior style has always been criticized, the fourth generation X5 strives to break this trend. The crystal block and crystal knobs give the X5 a beautiful look, and the fine lines of leather replace the consistent pebbled leather. A series of changes have made the interior’s luxurious texture significantly improved.
  3. In addition to improvements in control and performance, BMW began to invest more in smart technology, the new generation of X5 has ability to unlock door with your mobile phone , the  NFC near field communication technology, can establish connection with your phone via official APP both for Android and iOS. Up to 5 mobile phones can be added as car owner phones for true keyless entry.
  4. While reversing, this generation of X5 not only provides automatic parking function, its “brain” can record up to 50 meters of trajectory memory. If you accidentally enter the narrow dead end, then let go of your hands and hand it over to the BMW X5. It will return to the original path, which probably will be loved by female drivers.
  5. The fourth-generation X5 noise reduction level can only be called mediocre. The exhaust sound while in the sport mode is in line with the driving passion, and the high-speed wind noise is also within the tolerance range, but the tire noise suppression needs some more work from manufacturer. For the luxury SUV in this price range, requirements should be higher.

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